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Copy editing is usually what we think of when it comes to editing. Copy editing is the process of revising written material so that it reads smoothly and is free of any typos, grammatical, or factual errors. If your manuscript is fully written and in final draft form but has not been edited, this is a good place to start.


We offer both ghostwriting and developmental editing. Ghostwriting is required when someone has an idea for a book, but wants to hire an author (ghostwriter) to write it. In this case, the ghostwriter will interview the client, compile their notes, and research to put together a manuscript for their book.


Ghostwriting can also be used to transform a rough draft into a complete manuscript. This kind of ghostwriting falls more into the category of developmental editing. In this case, the hired author will make structural edits to the rough draft so that it reads like a professional book.


Proofreading is the process of reading written material to check for any errors in flow, punctuation, or general editing mistakes. Proofreading is the final stage in the editing process. Even professionally edited manuscripts need to be proofread before being published. It is important for another set of eyes to proofread your book for you. We will comb through your book, page by page, checking for any overlooked errors so that you can be sure everything is perfect before you publish.


An editorial assessment is a valuable tool for authors who want a professional editor to review their manuscript and provide in-depth feedback on the plot, characters, structure, style, and themes. If you have concerns about the overall strength of your book, you may want to invest in an editorial assessment to iron out any kinks in the story.


Many authors try to edit their own work in order to save time, money, and energy, however many also quickly find that the task is not as simple as it sounds. A professional editor works to rectify any errors in grammar, style, word choice, or flow. Our consultants will pair you with an editor that specializes in your style and genre. By the end of the editing process your book will be a polished document, ready to begin the publishing process.


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A professionally published print book has a cohesive cover jacket that covers the entire book. This will require cover art for the front, back, and spine. For an eBook you will only need a front cover design that is properly formatted for eBook platforms.


Once your manuscript is complete and error-free, it will need additional formatting and design elements for your book to look and read like a professionally published book—this is called Interior Book Design. Elements of interior book design include print/eBook text formatting, choosing a typeface, chapter and heading styles, adding images, even paper color and weight. We will consult with you about your design preferences and send you a few options to choose from based on what you like best.


As a published author your online presence can lead to book sales, interviews, book deal offers, and more. Beyond social media it is important for authors to have a website to promote themselves and their book(s). You can add links to purchase your book and follow on social media. More advanced author websites will also have a shop to purchase books and products if you have them. We offer a variety of website packages to meet your specific needs.


Despite the saying, most readers still judge a book by its cover. Because of this, the art and design you choose for your book are incredibly important. You want your book to appeal to your audience from first glance and leave a memorable impression. Our experienced cover artists and book designers will work together to bring the look and feel of your book to life. We offer design packages that include fully-formatted versions for eBooks, printed books, and even audiobooks!

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Once your book is complete and ready to be published, it will also need to be distributed so that readers can buy it where they shop for books. We distribute books and eBooks to the most popular platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Kobo books, and others.


Marketing goes hand-in-hand with distribution. With distribution, your book is available for readers to purchase. But marketing will let people know about your book so that they can go and buy it. In 2020, social media is among the most important marketing tools, along with advertising. To promote your book’s launch you will want eye-catching and informative ads formatted for various social media platforms and websites. The Vault’s graphic design team will take your book’s information and cover art to create specialized and stylish advertising that can be used across various platforms.


Beta reading and review is a service provided to authors allowing them to have access to real readers before their book is published. Authors should see beta reading as an opportunity to fine tune their manuscript and incorporate any suggestions readers may have before officially releasing their book. We offer beta reading and review to authors who are testing their manuscript or simply want a thoughtful review with honest feedback. Our beta readers will send you a written review and post the review on Amazon upon publication so it can be used to promote your book.


Once your book is published, you'll want to get the word out so that you can start making sales. We'll help you market and distribute your book across multiple platforms, both online and in stores. Our team can also provide branded marketing materials that you can use on various social media platforms to promote your book.



Depending on the details of your specific book there are a variety of additional legal services you may need before publishing your book and/or eBook. Including registering your ISBN, obtaining a barcode, submitting your book to the library of congress, and more. Legal services may be different depending on the specifications of each book. Our staff will consult with you to determine your book’s specific legal needs.


We take pride in our customer service and are available via email, text, and phone for your convenience. Once you receive your quote, you’ll be paired with a consultant to begin your project. This will be the person you contact if you have any questions or concerns. Our consultants are highly effective at working with clients to produce excellent results. Choose to work with our staff of real, experienced people who are truly dedicated to the art of self-publishing!


Our experienced staff are dedicated to helping authors become published. We believe in the quality of our work. Unlike big publishing companies, our team takes on a select number of projects at a time. This way our consultants are accessible to discuss the progress of your book's project. Our consultants want to make your life easier by keeping you up to date, via text and email, every step of the way.



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