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Author Vincent Bowe

AUTHOR, Vincent Bowe was born and raised in Hampton, Virginia. As a child, his parents encouraged him to foster his love of athletics and storytelling. He grew up playing football, running track, and writing short stories. Bowe excelled in academics and athletics throughout high school, and eventually chose to study Exercise Science and Kinesiology at Virginia Commonwealth University. Upon graduating, Bowe pursued a career in personal training and physical therapy. He quickly became a renowned personal trainer, working in some of the most reputable health and fitness facilities in the country.


But, Bowe grew tired of his hometown and craved other passions: writing, acting, and directing. In 2017, he packed his car and set out on a journey across the country to California. With a full car, and no one to accompany him besides his trusted pit bull pup, Vincent drove three days across the country to Los Angeles. He quickly adjusted to his new life on the west coast. First, Bowe transformed his health and fitness career by establishing his own business, MECCAfitness. He also took his knowledge of the human body and love for action, combined with his life-long passion for creative writing, giving birth to The Elite Way series.

Bowe recently released Art of Destiny, the second book in The Elite Way series, under The Vault Publishing, his publishing company. He now continues to train, write, and publish original works of fiction and non-fiction.

The Elite Way series
The Elite Way series